Shoulder movement impairments

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Online course Shoulder movement impairments

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How to assess and correct them through exercise with the assistance of an app

Overview of the course:

According to the latest scientific evidence, prescription of therapeutic exercise is regarded as being crutial in shoulder problems treatment. Choosing the best exercise for each patient according to his symptoms is a key role for physiotherapists. Movement system, as the new Physiotherapy identity, will be the basis for our assessments and clinical decisions. Furthermore, evidence shows that treatment results are directly related to exercise engagement, but we know that almost 70% of patients don´t do their exercises. That´s why, in Physio set app we have developed a smart app to aid our daily work as physiotherapists, and to give our patients a better experience in their health care. Students of our course will be able to use our app exclusively and for free.  

contenidos curso physio SET app Program and content of the course


1. Starting point

  • Movement system
  • Vision 2020
  • From pathoanatomic diagnosis to kinesiopathologic model

2. Assesment

  • Reference points
  • Static and dynamic assessment
  • Diskinesis test
  • Dominance tests
  • ROM assessment: GIRD,ERG,TROM.

3. Diagnostic cathegories

Scapular syndromes

  • Inferior rotation
  • Depresion
  • Abduction
  • Winging

Humeral Syndromes

  • Anterior humeral glide
  • Superior humeral glide
  • Internal humeral glide
  • Hipomobility

4. Specific exercises and their indications about the movement system

  • More than 50 exercises and their bibliography
  • Therapeutic indications for each exercise
  • Variations, dosage and progressions
  • Visualization by videos with Physio SET app

5. Research lines

  • Kinematik findings
  • Clicnical findings
  • Scapular dyskinesis assessment
  • Therapeutic exercise role in shoulder problems