We connect the field of research
with clinical practice

We have worked as clinical physiotherapist in traumatological, work and sports fields. In 2016 we were the main researchers in a study about shoulder rehabilitation called “Exercise programs after arthroscopic surgery in the shoulder”. This is when we realized the difficulty of being up to date in this specific field and putting all this knowledge into daily practice.

Furthermore we discovered how difficult it was to remember and apply the skills and knowledge from all the different courses we have attended.

Because of that we thought it would be a great idea to develop a smart app that helps physiotherapists manage scientific knowledge and helps with the daily treatment of their patients.

This is SET app Training´s mission, an enterprise focused on teaching physiotherapists and the developer of Physio SET app.



Raquel Barrios Peñalba

Oviedo University, 1996
COFPV nº Coleg. 659

It´s your way of thinking that defines your limits.

Look for new answers to the same problems.

Stay open-minded to new communication languages.

Explore new paths that are opened in front of us.

This is what makes us the professionals of the future that our patients want.


Nerea Prada Ramírez

Castilla La mancha University, 1998
COFPV nº Coleg.352

Excellence is not an act, but a habit.

Being an excellent professional is not about doing extraordinary acts. It´s more about doing ordinary activities in a exceptional way.

Every time we teach exercises to a patient we have the chance to be excellent.

Now, we also have the tool to do it.

What moves us?

To promote the advance of our profession
into the Evidence Based Medicine Model