Movement never lies

El movimiento nunca miente

 “Optimize the movement to improve the human experience” is the objective of the physiotherapy defined in VISION 2020.

You´re in time, do you want to join us?

VISION 2020 is a movement from the APTA (American Physical Therapy Association) created with the objective to spread and implement the Movement System as the new identity of physiotherapy. Since 2013, a working group formed by professionals such as Shirley Sahrmann or P.Ludewig have led this project VISION 2020, with the common aim to promote a deep change in our professional status quo: to become the authentic specialist in human movement, capable of using our abilities to transform society.

With Physio set app we want to join this movement with our modest contribution: a tool to aid assessment and treatment of the movement impairment of the shoulder. Also, we have an objective to encourage more professionals to join the change, through our courses.